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Industrial Automation Services

As experts in plant automation and control systems, A & J Electrical Contractors in Tamworth works across a range of industries including manufacturing and food processing plants and we currently provide services to national customers such as Teys Australia, Thomas Foods International and Baiada Poultry.

Our senior programmer is an accredited Rockwell Authorized Systems Developer, available on a contract basis to the electrical contracting industry, and can provide expert assistance when a general contractor may wish to perform a contract that may ordinarily be outside their scope, and/or does not wish to employ a full time programmer.

By utilizing Rockwell Automation Logix Technology we can offer a unique approach by using one control platform using a common control engine and development environment. Some of the many benefits and advantages gained by using this standardized approach to automating your plant include:

• One control engine with complete functionality.
• One development environment with complete functionality.
• Convergence of process, batch, discrete, drives, safety and motion into one automation discipline.
• Reduced development costs.
• Reduced maintenance and downtime costs.
• Reduced Electrical design time.
• Reduced Build time.
• Reduced Installation time
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As recognized Rockwell Automation Systems Developers (Allen Bradley) we have vast experience from Factory Talk (RS) View (SE / ME), and we can undertake SCADA version upgrades and SCADA Platform Conversions. Our programming capabilities include the following products:

• RS View SE/ME
• RS View 32
• Panel Builder 32
• Wonder Ware
• Citect
• Panel View Plus HMI
• Panel View HMI
• Versa View Industrial Computers

PLC Programming

As recognized Rockwell Automation Systems Developers (Allen Bradley) we have vast experience from micro controllers to plant wide multi processor applications. We also offer PLC upgrading using specific migration software to minimize plant downtime and re coding of existing programs, so that our clients can truly benefit from a new control platform with modern capabilities, reliability and features at reduced installation costs.

Our programming capabilities include the following products:

• Allen-Bradley - ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix and MicroLogix.
• GE Fanuc, Omron, Hitachi
Pilz PSS Safety PLC
• PID Loop tuning and optimisation through software tools.
• Communication Networks, Ethernet, Devicenet and Controlnet

Frequently Asked Questions


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How are modular PLCs different from fixed PLCs?

Modular PLCs have separate slots for its components, such as I/O modules and power supply. On the other hand, fixed PLCs have processors ... Read more

How does plant automation benefit manufacturing businesses?

Plant automation makes it possible for businesses to be more efficient in terms of production while also maintaining, if not improving, its cost ... Read more