Air Conditioning in Tamworth


Supply & Installation

We specialise in the supply and installation of air conditioning systems for homes, businesses and industrial facilities. All units that we service are compliant with all regulations and industry standards.

At A & J Electrical Contractors in Tamworth we are fully authorised to carry out maintenance and servicing on air conditioning units, regardless of the size of the system. It’s important to ensure evaporator coils, airways and filters are kept clean for maximum efficiency and for efficient energy consumption. Regular inspections can identify any leaks, wiring issues, pipe work and insulation problems. Condensate pumps also require regular cleaning and testing and once these elements have all been checked and any issues repaired, a completion of service report can be issued.
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Commercial Air Conditioning

Our commercial air conditioning services also include repairs and replacement of old and ineffective air conditioning systems. We can replace your old system with a new, more energy efficient air conditioning unit that will help reduce your energy consumption and your energy costs.

Residential Air Conditioning

We also carry out installation and mounting of residential air conditioning systems. Choose from split system air conditioners, central air conditioning systems, ductless air conditioners, hybrid, window and portable air conditioners. We can also provide air conditioning maintenance services for our residential clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should air conditioning systems be serviced?

Home air conditioning units that are used for cooling purposes only will usually require maintenance once a year. Commercial air ... Read more

Is it expensive to run air conditioners?

Most modern air conditioning systems are energy efficient, cheaper to run and easier to maintain. Any air conditioning systems with ... Read more

How often should air conditioner filters be cleaned and replaced?

Air conditioner filters should be cleaned at least twice a year when the system is not used often, with regular heavy use, more ... Read more